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Hydroseeding is a planting process by which a seed slurry (usually a combination of water and seeds, possibly including fertilizer, mulch, tackifiers, and sometimes green dye) is sprayed over an area in order to seed it. This method is used as an alternative to traditional dry or broadcast seeding. There are many advantages to hiring… Read more »

Hydroseeding at Christa McAuliffe Library

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We recently completed a project for Salvatore / Lupacino contractors to apply a winter stabilizing Hydroseed application at the Christa McAuliffe Library. The GeoMatrixII (Stabilized Fiber Mulch) was used, that stabilizes the soil throughout the winter months. It contained an organic tacking agent and organic crosslinking agent which form a porous and erosion resistant mat. It… Read more »

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Soil erosion is caused by the harmful impacts of heavy rain and winds wearing away at topsoil. This is bad for your property and local waterways as harmful pesticides and various other pollutants are washed into rivers, streams, and lakes. Don’t lose your valuable soil to the elements; protect your private land and the environment… Read more »

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Anyone who has ever tried to landscape a hilly or uneven area can attest to how difficult the process can be. The logistics of organizing and moving resources mixed with the many natural elements working against you can make planning and execution far more complicated than landscaping a more even space. Erosion is one of… Read more »

Cleaned water in Swale jpg

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What are Floc Logs? Floc Logs are a semi-hydrated gel polyacrylamide block will remove fine particles and reduce NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) values when placed within stormwater or construction site drainages. Because construction requires certain levels of demolition, it’s quite easy for the materials to end up in nearby bodies of water, be it lakes or… Read more »

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At Hydrograss Technologies, Inc., we are committed to providing preventive solutions for erosion, sediment, and dust control. Our unique, award-winning products provide results that simple sodding just can’t offer. Whether you are looking to maintain your property, or whether regulations require you to take preventative measures, Hydrograss is the most effective product for the job…. Read more »


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Project: Interstate 75 Brooksville, Florida – Hydroseeding Application Owner: Florida Department of Transportation General Contractor: Middlesex Corporation Scope of Work: The Hydrograss Technologies Inc. Florida Office (located at 1551 Global Court Sarasota, FL 34240.) began a new hydroseeding application in Brooksville, Florida. Hydrograss Technologies was commissioned by the Middlesex Corporation for the Florida Department of Transportation. The Middlesex Corporation is currently fulfilling their 75 million… Read more »

Hydrograss Tech Hydroseeder

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Project: John F. Kennedy International Airport – Hydroseeding Application Owner: New York / New Jersey Port Authority General Contractor: Tudor Perini Corporation Scope of Work: The Hydrograss Technologies Inc. Massachusetts Office (located at 157 Southbridge Rd. North Oxford, MA 01537) recently finished a hydroseeding application in the State New York. Hydrograss Technologies was hired by the… Read more »

Finn T330 Hydroseeder

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Hydrograss Technologies Inc. is driven by the need to deliver high-quality services to all of its clients. We know that being the largest company to provide hydroseed or hydroseeding services, requires an ever increasing amount equipment to keep up with the growing demand. With that in mind, Hydrograss Technologies has added new Hydroseeder to the Florida… Read more »