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Hydrograss is now a distributor of American Excelsior Erosion Control Products

These high quality, time tested products now enable us to provide our contractors and developers with a complete solution in the battle against soil erosion and storm water runoff and meet or exceed Phase II comliance regulations of the Clean Water Act.

Contact Hydrograss for more information on Recyclex and Curlex Erosion Control products.
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New Project Profile

Project: Pittsfield Municipal Airport
Location: Pittsfield, MA
Contractor: Rifenburg Construction
Consultant: Stantec Engineering
Site Area: 200 Acres
Products: GeoMatrixSS BFM/GeoMatrix II
Equipment: 5 Apex Extreme Hydroseeders
Duration: 2 years

New Project Profile

Project: The Wave Golf Course
Location: Muscat, Oman
Golf Course Contractor: Southern Golf Oman LLC
Designer: Greg Norman Golf Course Design
Construction Manager: Dan Grassi
Site Area: 45 Hectares (112 Acres)
Product Used: GeoMatrixSS (BFM) by GeoEnvironmental
Equipment: Supplied by Hydrograss Technologies

New Project Profile

Project: Sydney Tar Ponds Reclamation
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Owner: Government of Nova Scotia
Contractor: Hazco Environmental, Hamilton, Ontario
Project Manager: Eric Taylor
Engineer: AECOM, Boston, MA
Site Area: 60 Hectares
Products Used: GeoPerm

The North Pond and the South Pond have a combined area of 31 hectares (77 acres), and contain 700,000 metric tons of contaminated sediments. The nearby coke ovens site spans 68 hectares (168 acres) on a sloping field overlooking the estuary. It contains an estimated 560,000 tons of contaminated soil.

Byproducts from coke ovens that operated for 88 years on this site created run-off which contaminated the Muggah Creek estuary, creating the Sydney Tar Ponds. The coke ovens plant was demolished in the early 1990s, leaving this empty field which will be rehabilitated as part of the Tar Ponds project

The second phase of the project was bid in 2010 which covered 50 Hectares of contaminated soils to be covered with a liner and capped with soil and vegetated. Materials originally specified by the AECOM Engineers to cover the clay and topsoil was Concover A with Hydro-Guard. Hydrograss Technologies presented GeoPerm to Hazco as an alternative to Concover because it was more economical and easier to apply. Also, GeoPerm has been approved for use in controlling erosion and establishing turf on over 40 landfills in the USA.

New Project Profile

Project: Rose Bay Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration
Location: New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County, Florida
Owner: Army Corps of Engineers
General Contractor: Optimum Services
Project Duration: 2 months
Site Area: 1.21. Acres
Products Used: GeoPerm
The project site is an environmentally sensitive area in Volusia County, Florida known as Rose Bay. The objective of the project was to restore this natural habitat as part of an existing master storm water control project. This project has very difficult access. All equipment and materials had to be moved by barge as there is no access by road. Hydrograss was contracted by the general contractor, Optimum, to provide hydroseeding services over a 1.21 acre area using GeoPerm and a variety of native species of grass seed. The hydroseeding process was intended mainly for erosion control on slopes. The project took approximately 2 months from start to completion.

New Project Profile

Project: Sprague Landfill
Location: Town of Sprague, Connecticut
Contractor: ET &L Construction Company - Stow, Massachusetts
Engineer: AECOM Engineers
Products Used: Enkamat/GeoMatrix SS
Project Completion: September, 2010
AECOM the engineering consultant on this project specified Enkamat 7003 TRM with GeoMatrixSS (Permeable Fiber Mat) for all swales and berms Enkamat was approved in lieu of NAG SC250 TRM as a preferred alternative.

New Product

Hydrograss is now offering the Inlet Filter for sediment and erosion control. The Inlet Filter is your answer to storm water management and offer performance and flexibility with these features:

  • Attached in minutes without grate removal
  • Fits flat, roll curb, vertical and beehive inlets
  • Can be cut with shears or utility knife for accurate in-field fit
  • Comes in pads or rolls to fit 100s of different grate styles and sizes
  • Simply sweep the surface and sides to remove built-up silt allowing water to flow
  • Vehicle traffic will not damage or dislodge
  • Does not create a hazard for pedestrians

January 2007 – Lake Okeechobee – Hoover Dike

"We were looking for a product that would allow us to maximize our working area on the dike, but give us the assurance that in the event there was some type of natural disaster coming up or something that could be projected three or four days ahead, it would give us coverage and a better sense of security than just having exposed soil", says Scott Vandegrift, company project manager.

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