Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of preventive solutions for erosion, sediment and dust control. more bullet
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Introducing GeoEnvironmental StabilizedFiber Solutions (SFSs)

They are organic agents of elongated softwood fibers that are blended together at the factory with multiple cross-linking agents to create a breathable, stable spray on erosion control mat bonding to the soil surface. more bullet
A Revolutionary Patent Pending Technology

A Revolutionary Patent Pending Technology

Fomulated with safe and environmentally friendly synthetic fluids and rosins, EK-35 is applied neat to the soil providing a dual mechanism for dust control and soil stabilization. The penetration ability provides a dust suppressing weighing mechanism, while acting as a durable reworkable binder.


A test performed at a continuous caster area within a Cleveland steel mill produced a 176% improvement in soil stiffness and modulus as well as enormous improvements in dust control. The plot selected operated twenty hours per day, seven days per week with over 100 passes per day by port haulers, chained wheel loaders and tractor trailers. With this type of torturous activity... EK-35 passed with flying colors!

If you're looking for long lasting perfomance in intense usage situations look no further than EK-35.

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