Nothing is more annoying than dry patches of grass from sun damage and erosion. Commercial landscapers understand how hydroseeding makes maintaining a lush lawn look easy. Hydroseeding grass starts growing seven days, and you should have new grass growth within three to four weeks. This technology refers to the application of seed, water, and mulch at the same time. This slurry can be particularly beneficial over large areas of land where erosion is common. This is great for sloping hills on the highway or commercial properties that rely on the beauty of their land to attract new customers and events. Let’s consider a few advantages of using hydrograss:It grows quickly: When dealing with a commercial area, you want to have grass grow as soon as possible. By using hydrograss technologies, you will have uniform grass growth within four weeks, which is a significantly short amount of time compared to traditional landscaping. After all, this is how long it takes regular grass to even germinate. With hydroseeding, you will have a beautiful lawn within four short weeks, making this a great investment for companies on a time crunch.It is a soil erosion management solution: Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that causes immense amounts of damage to areas with sloping hills or high volumes of rainfall. Erosion occurs when topsoil is relocated to another area either by water, wind, or tillage. Topsoil is the most fertile soil as it contains organic matter and soil life; it’s also the prettiest component of maintaining a beautiful lawn. Without a healthy layer of topsoil, this could mean that nothing, including grass, will grow on your land.

Grass cover prevents this relocation by holding onto the soil with their roots. Because hydrograss grows so quickly, this makes hydroseeding an effective erosion management solution. Hydrograss is an ideal turf reinforcement mechanism if you’re coping with the frustration of soil erosion.It’s easy to plant: Growing grass comes with a lot of responsibility. You must prepare the land, fertilize it, plant your grass seedlings, and water it. Hydrograss, on the other hand, is particularly easy to grow. Because hydrograss is already mixed with fertilizer, all you need to do attach the hydrograss system to your watering hose and spray it on the area you wish to grow grass. For large commercial applications, hydroseeding trucks are able to spread this slurry over larger areas. The grass sticks to the ground with one application, and unlike seeds, it will not be eaten by birds or squirrels. Because of its moisture, it will also not be blown away by bad weather conditions, which is an advantage to anyone in wet areas.

Growing grass has never been easier with the advent of hydroseeding. If you are looking to grow grass in large areas, your best option is to use hydrograss technology. Whether you need a beautiful lawn in a short amount of time or you’re preventing against erosion, rely on HydroGrass Technologies, Inc. for the best in grass management.