Icing on the third rail will produce insufficient electrical contacts, causing power problems and preventing mass transit trains from operating. Be pro-active and stay ahead of the storm, after all, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” An old cliche perhaps, but very true.

Anti-icing provides the maintenance manager with two major benefits: keeping transit trains running on schedule and maintaining maximum safety for passengers. Third Rail Anti-Icer is applied prior to a severe storm event. Ongoing applications during the storm will maintain a clear, ice-free third rail.

If you wait until ice forms, “De-icing” requires 5 to 10 times more product to melt ice than what is required to “Anti-ice” in the first place. This is because typical de-icers, due to their lower viscosity, create more runoff and make de-icing highly ineffective. When you compare your options, anti-icing is more economical, faster, easier and is the far superior choice. You save time, money and operational interruption when you prepare an anti-icing strategy. Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc. helps you prepare your anti-icing strategy and provides you peace of mind.

Zero Gravity® Smart Fluid

Third Rail Anti-Icer was developed to permit uninterrupted equipment operation at freezing temperatures. With the absence of electrolytes, there is no possibility of galvanic action and corrosion. Electrical shorts and arcing are eliminated as well. Because of its non-tacky nature, it will also reduce the wear-and-tear on the contact shoe.

Third Rail Anti-Icer is the twenty-first century “Smart Choice” for busy maintenance managers who have many other responsibilities on their minds. When you keep trains running on time, your passengers stay happy and that maintains high-quality customer service.

Zero Gravity “Smart Fluid” technology is a patented and licensed capability which permits our Third Rail Anti-Icer to be sprayed or poured, in a liquid state, and become “jello-like” in its activated state. “Smart Fluid” technology allows the same substance to be a liquid and then become an extremely resilient coating that will stay in place, even on vertical surfaces. This extraordinary product retains its longlasting anti-icing properties which are re-activated by freezing rain, sleet or snow. It absolutely prevents ice from forming on the third rail! “Zero Gravity” is one of the many reasons we have been the leader in anti-icing… since 1975.


  • Boiling/Melting Point …473ºF 245ºC
  • Vapor Pressure …<0.01
  • Specific Gravity …1.04 to 1.08
  • Solubility in Water …Complete
  • Appearance …Orange liquid
  • Odor …Slight Odor
  • Ph …7.0


  • Eliminates Power Loss And Stalled Trains
  • Prevents Ice & Snow From Bonding To The Third Rail
  • Maximizes Safety Conditions For Passengers
  • Defies The Effects Of Rain, Sleet, Snow, Wind & Gravity
  • Does Not Conduct Electricity or Cause Shorting
  • Holds Fast to Vertical Surfaces & Remains In Place
  • Reduces Wear And Tear On “Contact Shoes”
  • More Effective Than Electric Rail Heaters
  • Safe To Use/Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable/Non-Corrosive
  • No Electrolytes/Non-Galvanic
  • Efficient & Economical to Use




3rd Rail De-icing Agent

Ice Free Switch

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