If you own large plots of commercial land, the chances are that you’re exhausting your options of how to care for them. You want your land to not only look good but function well in turn. It can be difficult to ensure that all is happening as it should without hydroseeding. What is hydroseeding? It’s one of many options that landowners have in terms of maintaining larger plots of land without necessarily choosing a process more labor intensive and therefore expensive. A planting process, hydroseeding relies upon the application of a slurry that combines seed, fertilizer, healthy soil, and mulch, and it’s often used to control erosion. The slurry is applied through pressure, often in a kind of spraying process, and this stimulates seed germination and turf development. Hydroseeding erosion control is becoming more and more popular among land owners, but there are some people who remain skeptical about it and indeed stressed about the process and how it works. With that being said, we’re looking into the advantages of hydroseeding, to better understand its current popularity.

1. Healthier Land Quality

Land often becomes healthier after the hydroseeding process takes place. It’s no wonder, due to the fact that hydroseeding erosion control is explicitly meant to stimulate healthy growth and prevent erosion on a broad scale. As the seeds applied through hydroseeding don’t undergo the same shock that seeds may typically undergo when transplanted into foreign soil, hydroseeding often makes it easier for them to root down deeper. The seeds are therefore less prone to issues being caused by external conditions, and they hold moisture better as well. This will result in your lawn being not only healthier but more aesthetically pleasing. It’s no wonder that hydrograss technologies are often utilized within hotter states like Florida, which often suffer from dry grass; though the Everglades once covered about 11,000 square miles of land in Florida, the state has more recently suffered from serious climate change issues. Hydroseeding also typically includes fewer weed seeds and no layering of soils. Ultimately, this results in a more consistently healthy lawn, though of course results may vary somewhat depending on where the seeds are planted and how they are cared for after the initial seeding.

2. Most Cost Effective

When looking into hydroseeding erosion control, you may be surprised by how cost effective it is. One of the main issues land owners must face if their plots of land are particularly large is how expensive they can be to maintain. There’s just a lot of ground to cover, which is one reason why hydroseeding is so appealing. It covers more land in less time, which results in less labor, and that in turn results in more savings. Hydroseeding is definitely cheaper than sodding land, due to the overall expenses and especially the labor expenses associated with sodding land. But it’s also cheaper than hand seeding. A typical plot of land could take half a day to hand seed, while it would comparable only take an hour and a half to hydroseed. All of this leads to less money being spent.

3. Erosion Control

Obviously, we’ve mentioned hydroseeding erosion control already. But it’s important to note that erosion control truly is a major benefit for those considering hydroseeding. Erosion can come from a number of different sources. It’s known to come from not only the wind and the rain but also the sun and various different pests. Hydroseeding soil essentially binds the seeds to the soil, which helps fight erosion and build up the land more efficiently.

4. Versatility

Another major benefit of hydroseeding is that it’s simply a more versatile process than sodding or hand seeding. It can be used to generally spread seeds throughout a lawn and maintain commercial plots of land, but it can also be used to help stimulate city parks and stabilize hillsides. Due to its ease of application, it can generally be applied almost anywhere. Furthermore, it can be used to apply a mix and match of different seed blends for diversity.

There are so many benefits to utilizing hydroseeding, from erosion control to simply creating a more beautiful lawn. Keep this in mind as you make decisions about how to care for your land.