Getting grass to grow on a bare construction site can be a challenging feat to achieve. The germination of seeds depends on the availability of soil moisture, nutrients, and warmth from the sun. Commercial landscapers are now turning towards hydroseeding to establish lush and healthy lawns on their clients’ properties.

Experts tout hydro mulching techniques as effective methods to achieve a greener, more beautiful landscape. But what makes the hydroseeding Massachusetts business owners love so popular? This article answers some of the common questions Hydrograss Technologies receives from our clients.

What Is Hydroseeding?

It is a process through which landscapers mix grass seeds, mulch, fertilizers, tackifiers, and water to form a thick slurry. The hydroseeding contractors then pour the slurry over freshly prepared, bare ground. The tackifiers bind the mixture together, preventing the seeds from being washed away. The mulch supports water retention. With the right conditions, the grass can sprout within a week.

Why Hydroseeding Technologies?

The advantages of hydroseeding are numerous. Hydrograss is an affordable way to establish the lush green lawn for your commercial space. It is more cost-effective than sodding. Hydroseeding has quicker and higher germination rates than traditional seeding methods. Hydro grass seed companies tend to use native species, which can quickly acclimatize to the Massachusetts weather. Landscapers also point out that hydroseeding utilizes less water than sodding.

How Long Does It Take?

The success of hydroseeding in Massachusetts may depend on several factors. Your grass seeds will germinate and sprout within three to seven days. The lawn may be established by the third to fourth week. The ryegrass in the hydro-mulch germinates quickly and sprouts by the third day. Its function is to protect the native grass species from weed infestation before full lawn coverage.

What Care Should You Provide?

Adequate watering during the first 14 days is a crucial phase that ensures the success of your project. You may not need to water on the first day to allow the slurry to dry and stick to the ground. Hydroseeding companies also advise that you restrict yourself from walking over the freshly laid hydro-mulch. You may need to water two to four times a day for the first two months. However, the water should not pool.

You also need to apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer after the first month. The initial slurry contains a phosphorus-based fertilizer that supports the growth of healthy root systems. The nitrogenous fertilizer will support shoot growth for a lush lawn. You need to mow your grass at the right time, cutting the grass after it attains a height of approximately four inches. If unsure of how to care for the lawn, consult Hydrograss Technologies.

How Do You Choose Hydroseeding Companies?

It would be best to leave hydro mulching to the experts. Choose a hydroseeding Massachusetts company with a vast experience in hydro grass techniques. Choose a contractor that offers a variety of turf species to choose from. Does the hydroseed company offer any guarantee? What products do they use? What is their reputation within the industry?

Hydroseeding offers an attractive alternative to sodding and traditional seeding processes. You can have your beautiful lawn in three weeks. If you have more questions about “Hydroseeding Massachusetts,” please contact our experts at Hydrograss Technologies.