Earth Stop Floc Bloc® – Clean Water Just Got Easier

The EarthStop Floc Bloc is a semi-hydrated gel polyacrylamide block that when placed within stormwater or construction site drainages will remove fine particles and reduce NTU values.

Each Floc Bloc is formulated for the soil and water chemistry of the geographical area where placement and usage are intended. Soil and water samples are required for geographical areas not previously tested.

Placement of the Floc Bloc should be as close to the source of particle suspension or NTU origination as possible. Finer particles and colloidal suspensions will require greater mixing times, usually never greater than 75 seconds. This mixing time equates to the time required for water to flow through a ditch system or a pipe. Typical reaction times in most geographical areas are 10-30 seconds. Ideal performance of the Floc Bloc results when used in conjunction with Best Management Practices in place. Rock checks, drop inlets, storm drains, retrofits and slope drains all greatly enhance the effectiveness of the Floc Bloc.

The Floc Bloc is designed for a base flow rate of 60-75 GPM. 

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