Our bonded fiber matrix sprays on like a mulch, but dries to form a porous, breathable, water insoluble mat that bonds firmly with the soil, prevents erosion, and saves time and money

  • Easy to Mix
  • Easy to apply-no cavitation
  • No tenting or rilling
  • No staples or stakes
  • Non-toxic to wildlife

The GeoPerm™ Advantage

The GeoPerm™ process is the key to fast, cost effective, soil stabilization.

  • Faster application than laying sod or blankets 
  • GeoPerm™, seed, and fertilizer are distributed uniformly
  • Relatively undisturbed soil surface
  • Choice of custom seed or sprig blends

GeoPerm™ combines the low cost and ease of hydro mulching, with the protection of a blanket and the establishment of healthy turf.
GeoPerm™ consists of premium softwood fibers, a natural guar gum tackifier, and a proprietary crosslinking agent.
Our mat protects seeds/sprigs and enhances germination that decomposes over time into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter to further aid in plant development.

GeoPerm – Bonded Fiber Matrix

GeoPerm Bonded Fiber Mat is applied in slurry form using the hydroseeding process. Most of the water in the slurry is absorbed by the mulch, but the residual “free water”, carrying the high strength bonding agent, is absorbed into the soil.

The result is a blanket of interlocking wood fibers in firm contact with the soil, and a supporting subsystem provided by the bonding agent, that locks the soil particles together to the fiber blanket. The wood fiber blanket dries to create a high strength, porous, and erosion resistant mat, which protects the soil against the impact of rainfall while allowing water
to filter slowly through to the soil. In heavy rain, after absorbing water like a sponge, the mat allows extra water to sheet over the surface, preventing rilling.

Designed to be used on slopes of 2H:1V or steeper; or any slope where wind, rainfall or soil erosion is expected to be extreme or where the establishment of vegetation is not expected due to application of product late in the growing season (or no seed application).
When your erosion problem demands the soil-holding strength of a mat but your budget calls for the faster speed and lower costs of hydroseeding, choose the smart solution… GeoPerm Bonded Fiber Matrix.

For your most challenging sites, GeoPerm provides the highest level of protection possible in a Bonded Fiber Mat, without the application and rilling problems associated with a blanket. In most cases, GeoPerm will protect a site for up to 12 months.


  • Mineral Activator (SSE) … 10 %
  • Composition… Long Stranded Softwood Fibers
  • Color … Natural
  • Water Holding Capacity … 12 times its weight in water
  • Decomposition … decomposes to carbon dioxide & water

Key Features:

  • Faster application than laying sod or blankets
  • GeoPerm, seed and fertilizer are distributed uniformly
  • Leaves soil surface relatively undisturbed
  • Choice of custom seed or sprig blends



GeoMatrixSS – Permeable Fiber Matrix

GeoMatrix – The Smart Way to Eliminate soil erosion.

GeoMatrix II – Stabilized Fiber Mulch

Enkamat-Turf Re-inforcement Mat

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