Planting dense grass seeds on hills and slopes for your commercial business can help prevent soil erosion. A popular method of planting grass seed on hills and slopes is hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding is less expensive than adding sod, which is the most expensive and costly way to plant grass seeds. This method sprays a combination of seeds on the soil with mulch, fertilizer, and water. The ingredients bond the grass seeds to the soil preventing wind and sun from damaging the seed. A commercial grower like Hydrograss can help prevent erosion by using this method for your commercial business.

Choosing the Right Grasses

Depending on where you live, choosing the right blend of grass seeds will help with erosion control on slopes and hills. Native grasses that grow in your region are good choices. Sedge is a good seed for drought-tolerant soil and requires little care. Rye is another quick germinating seed that is good for warmer climates. Other native grasses that grow well are buffalo grass, annual ryegrass, and perennial ryegrass. All these grasses are excellent choices for erosion control on commercial property. Our staff knows the best blend of grass seed for your business and the type of soil you have.

Fescues is another type of grass seed that is easy to grow and tolerates shade. Red fescue grows well in very moist soil, and it establishes quickly on hills and slopes. Blue fescue thrives in shady rocky areas with dry to medium soil. In the South, bermuda grass is a popular choice. Choosing the right blend of seeds that grow well in your geographic region is the key to success.

The Benefits of Hydroseeding

When we come out to hydroseed your property, we perform a soil test to find the right blend of seeds and nutrients for the soil. We will remove any grass or weeds and plant the seeds on bare soil. Our staff grades the soil to prevent runoff that might cause damage to your business, and we add topsoil and nutrients first. We rake the soil to make it as smooth as possible. Later, we spray the mixture of seed and nutrients on the soil using a commercial hydroseeder. Our staff will water the area two or three times a day for several weeks to keep it moist.

It is important to keep anyone from walking on the grass for six to seven weeks. After about seven days, you will see grass growing and it will be established within three to four weeks. The benefit of using hydroseeding for your commercial business property is it creates a well-kept beautiful lawn. It helps prevent erosion on slopes and hills, eliminates dust pollution, and prevents weed growth. For more information on the benefits of hydroseeding and to figure out which seed blends are best for preventing erosion, call Hydrograss today.