Soil erosion may cause you to have a headache as it constantly degrades the value of your land. You may find yourself stuck in a difficult situation at times but you may seek the services of a professional contractor that will help you eliminate soil erosion. Here are a couple of methods that the contractor can employ to eliminate soil erosion:

Planting Hydrograss

Contractors often employ this method because of its long-term efficiency. Planting hydroseeded grass lowers the possibility of the soil eroding as the roots of the grass hold it together and make it firm. Hydroseeded grass should start to grow within 7 days, and the new lawn will be well established within 3-4 weeks. This is effective and efficient, as it requires little time to grow. The leaves from the shrubs and grass help regulate the velocity that the raindrops hit the ground, which therefore prevents the soil from further dislodging and eroding. The contractor can eliminate soil erosion by making sure that most of the ground is covered with grass and shrubs.


Mulching prevents the topsoil on your piece of land from escaping. The process involves covering the soil with shredded leaves and wood. Moreover, mulching prevents the topsoil from turning acidic and helps it to get nutrients. It is also aesthetically pleasing when used as part of the landscaping, such as around trees and bushes.

Installation of Proper Drainage Systems

Your contractor can help you eliminate soil erosion by creating various diversions, depending on the incline of the slope, as it will direct excess water down the embankment along the identified path. The contractor can create the drainage system by digging along the slope at regular intervals. Pipes and gutters can also serve the same purpose.


Terraces help prevent soil erosion on sloped expanses of land. The top layer of soil is often carried away by wind and water. Vegetation cover and mulch may not be effective in such parcels of land. Contractors can eliminate soil erosion on your piece of land by terracing it. The presence of ground cover on the terraces enhances their efficiency as the steps prevent the flow of water and wind over the surface and trap any loose soil. Soil erosion can be curbed further by covering the top layer of the soil with mulch.

Speak with an expert to discuss the best type of plan for your particular land. Regardless of the route your contractor follows, they will be able to eliminate soil erosion and ensure your property remains healthy and firm for a long time.