When summer comes knocking, then that’s a sure sign your garden needs some extra attention. For many homeowners, a great-looking yard increases the enjoyment of your outside environment, whether you’re planning a few barbecues with family and friends or some sunbathing sessions. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your yard in tip-top condition.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Your lawn can be a point of pride, especially if it covers a bigger portion of your yard. Adding fertilizer provides nutrients that encourage the growth of a thick, lush lawn. We also recommend that you add hydroseeding mulch, which contains grass seeds. The hydroseeding mulch bonds the seeds to the soil while also enriching the soil with nutrients. However, keep in mind that when fertilizing your lawn, the rule of thumb is to not apply more than 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn each year, as this might damage your lawn.

Get a Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation system is a great way to ensure your plants and water get watered without much hassle. It’s even more convenient if you’re not always around to water your plants. Additionally, a drip irrigation system conserves water, unlike other sprinkler spray heads. What it does is direct enough to the plant’s root instead of splashing water all over the plant.

Prune Your Plants

The summer heat typically leads to a lot of dead-hanging limbs that need to be cut away. This offers some sort of protection because dead branches are weak points during a thunderstorm, and they can cause damage. You should also prune plants, vines, and bushes growing around your house. If left unchecked, these may trap moisture, invite creepy crawlies, and interfere with the function of your AC.

Cleanup Regularly

If you want your home’s landscape to always be in tip-top condition, then it’s important to do regular cleanups. That means taking the time to look around your property for anything that might need your attention. For instance, look out for weeds that may be an eyesore and which can compete with your plants for nutrients. Also, check for dead branches that need to be swept away, especially after a storm.

These are some of the top summer tips for keeping your yard in good condition. Have fun with them and enjoy them as your yard transforms into a summer-worthy exterior.