When you have your commercial property hydroseeded, you want to maintain it for long-term results. It will need watering, fertilizing, mowing, and weed control. Be sure your commercial service can provide this maintenance to help you keep up with the attractive look of your commercial property. Whether you have a retail store, golf course, restaurant, or office building, hydroseeding will help you to give your property a professional look.

Watering Your Commercial Property

After your property is seeded, you will need to water it regularly to maintain moisture in the soil. It might have to be watered daily depending on the temperature and type of soil. Hot summer days may need watering several times a day and a cool day only once. A sprinkler system with a timer may be the answer to your problem. Too little water causes the seeds to dry out and die, leading to a brown or bald lawn. Too much water can cause the seed not to grow and you will have a sparse lawn. After the lawn has been mowed, it is recommended that you reduce the watering from one to three times per week. The seed generally grows in four to 10 days.

Mowing and Fertilizing

The commercial lawn should be mowed when the grass reaches two to three inches high. It will take about four to six weeks for the grass to grow. A good rule to follow is to only mow about 1/3 off the grass. Mowing will encourage the grass to fill in faster and more completely. Mow frequently for better long-term results. A newly seeded lawn should be mowed at a slower speed to keep the grass blades from being pulled up. A professional company should be trained to maintain hydroseeded lawns.

Your commercial property should be fertilized after the first or second mowing. Often, a balanced fertilizer is used and it should be applied when the lawn is dry and watered. This will prevent the lawn from burning. Most fertilizer maintenance programs apply it four to six times per year. Each year, for every 1,000 square feet of lawn, do not apply a fertilizer that has more than four pounds of nitrogen. This will ensure a healthy lawn.

Weed Control for Your Commercial Property

Generally, your commercial company will not use any weed killer until three months after the seed has been planted. It will grow better this way. They will often use a herbicide spray to protect the hydroseeded area that is growing. If you plan to do this yourself, ask your commercial company to recommend a weed control product.

For best long-term results, consult a commercial company that specializes in hydroseeding and maintenance. Remember to keep up with the watering, mowing, and fertilizing of your property. Your lawn will look great and last a long time.