Soil erosion is the bane of many a business owner’s existence. Erosion occurs when wind and water remove soil from an area, which is not only an eyesore for commercial property owners but a danger to the environment as well. When soil is washed or blown away, so are any fertilizers or pesticides that were used on or around it.

Erosion can leave behind exposed tree and plant roots, and dry soil with deep grooves in it. This is due to an extreme lack of moisture. Left untreated, conditions like this can destroy the health and vibrancy of your property. Early detection is key.

Here are a few ways you can work to prevent soil erosion on your commercial property.

Level the Landscape

A combination of hydroseeding erosion control and leveling out any severe height discrepancies in your property will go a long way toward preventing widespread erosion. When a piece of land is largely level, it means there are no major runoffs for water to flow over, which reduces the risk of water-based erosion.

One exception to this leveling: if you’re hydroseeding next to a building, it’s important to grade the soil so that it drops at least 2 inches over 100 feet. This will help ensure that the water drains away from the building and doesn’t pool around the walls.

Add Plants and Grasses

Good landscaping is key to the financial health of a company property. But more than that, the roots of grasses, plants, and trees can also help reduce the chances of soil erosion. The additions help to break up natural runoffs used by heavy rainfall and work to defend against strong winds. Additionally, adding new plants usually requires that the ground be watered and well-tilled to help the new plants adjust and grow well.

Put Up a Barrier

A natural barrier like a retaining wall can do wonders to guard against erosion from both wind and water. Investing in a good retaining wall may seem costly upfront, but it will pay off well in the long run. Additionally, faux retaining walls such as hedges also serve as a landscaping focal point for the property, both providing security and privacy.

Preventing soil erosion on a company property is all about being proactive and taking the right steps now to avoid problems in the future. For more information on hydroseeding erosion control and other green stabilization techniques, contact Hydrograss today.