Improving your commercial property with hydrograss is a quick and easy way to establish grass areas. There are a few steps you will need to take to ensure that the hydrograss germinates properly. Hydroseeding uses a slurry mix (typically green in color) to seed a lawn or a green space. Following a few tips will help to ensure your grass takes off without a hitch.

Clear Away Debris

Creating easy access to areas that will be hydroseeded is important. The less time the technician has to spend navigating clutter or obstacles, the quicker the seed can be laid. Remove obstacles and ensure debris is cleared.

Compacted Soil

It is not typically the quality of the soil that will keep hydrograss from germinating. Instead, it is the condition of the soil. Construction and other activities will compact the soil preventing the grass from rooting. Tilling the soil to break it up will make it easier for the hydroseed to establish.

Remove Large Stones

Any large stones should be removed from the area that will be treated. Raking through the soil will unearth large stones.

After the Seeding

To ensure your hydrograss thrives, you should water regularly. Even though hydroseed requires less watering, it still needs water in the early stages of development. Plan on watering every day (sometimes twice a day depending on how hot or dry the weather is) until the grass is well established.

Typically, after about two weeks, you can cut back on the watering to every other day. Again, it all depends on the weather. If there is a dry spell or high-temperature days, you may have to water more frequently. If there is a rainy period with cooler temperatures, less watering is fine.

Mow the new growth when it reaches about 3 inches in height.

Hire Help if You Need It

If all of the above seem daunting, you can contract out all of the prep work. In many cases, the hydroseed company will offer a turnkey approach and manage all the prep work for you. Hydrograss is an excellent option for quickly establishing green spaces around your commercial property. Learn more about all the services that are offered and get your property looking great.