Bare tracks of land pose soil erosion and flying dust challenges to landowners. With soil erosion, you may never enjoy the investment you made in your land. However, owners of huge tracts of land can turn around their woes using hydroseeding erosion control and hydro grass technologies.

For the right outcome, erosion control should be approached with professionalism; hence, consulting hydroseed contractors or hydroseed grass companies would be the best way forward. But for the best results, ensure that your hydroseeding contractor has:

  • A proven track record
  • The ability and capacity to advise clients accordingly
  • A willingness to consult the client for the right outcome
  • A willingness to redo the job in case of under performance

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Unlike other seeding methods, hydroseeding has the following benefits to your land.

1. Enhanced Quality

When qualified hydroseed contractors are contracted, professionalism is observed, leading to quality output. Moreover, they have a reputation and a name to protect.

When it comes to controlling erosion, the hydroseeding technique involves embedding grassroots deeper and faster into the soil than any other green stabilization technique. With sod and hand seeding, bare surfaces are eventually inevitable.

However, with hydroseeding, the outcome is flawless thanks to an even distribution of seed and balanced application of fertilizer and water.

2. Saves Time and Money

Time and money are tied to the landowner’s bottom line, and with hydroseeding, you’re sure to save on both. Since it’s not as labor-intensive as sod and hand seeding, you end up reducing costs by 75%. Moreover, the use of automated equipment for hydroseeding enables you to save time.

3. Moisture Retention

Due to the inclusion of mulch, hydro grass is capable of retaining more moisture as compared to sod, broad seeding, and strawn-blown seeding.

Again, with other seeding techniques, water requirements may be as much as two times more compared to hydroseeding.

4. Versatility

Most people like flexible solutions, and hydroseeding offers that. Even though grass is the primary seeding component, landowners can opt for wildflowers or any other compounds desired.

In hydroseeding, seeding mix and application methods are customizable to match client’s needs. For instance, a school with different playing fields would have different applications, and seed mix needs compared to a company’s land.

5. Safety and Efficiency

The slurry utilized in hydroseeding is non-toxic and has no hazardous side effects. Generally, hydroseeding is friendly to the environment. Additionally, hydroseed contractors are also required to provide safety equipment including PPEs for their employees while also protecting the client’s property.

Furthermore, the rate of attachment of hydro grass eliminates unnecessary problems common with other seeding techniques such as low germination rates, hence increasing efficiency.

Unlike the traditional erosion control techniques, hydroseeding offers large land tract holders as well as homeowners a faster, efficient, and cost-effective solution for dust, erosion, and sediment control. However, due diligence should be done when hiring a hydroseed contractor. Ensure they understand all your needs and have the capacity to meet them. For landowners in need of hydroseeding services get in touch with Hydrograss Technologies today.