Ice Free Switch® winter operating switch agent is the original anti-icing agent for track switches. Ice Free Switch® is a pre-treatment to be applied before the risk of snow or ice. By applying it on the plates, points, throw rods, stands and flangeways, it puts a barrier coating on the metal.

Ice Free Switch® anti-icing agent uses a NASA Smart Fluid technology co-developed by NASA/Ames Research Center and Midwest. The patented, licensed technology behind the product enables Ice Free Switch® to be poured or sprayed as a liquid which becomes a thin gel-like coating in its activated state.

When applied to railroad switch points, plates, rail – and other locations where ice can interfere with operations – prior to snow and ice storms, Ice Free Switch® will remain in place and activate when needed. More efficient than rail heaters, it quickly melts falling and blowing snow to prevent switches from freezing ensuring uninterrupted switch operation in freezing temperatures.

Ice Free Switch® anti-icing agent helps prevent interruptions in service as well as derailments because the snow will not pack and form ice in the gaps.




3rd Rail De-icing Agent

Ice Free Switch

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