You want your commercial property to look outstanding. That means ensuring the grass is lush and attractive. The question is, how do you achieve healthy grass if your property doesn’t have good coverage? You could choose sodding, which is expensive, or seeding, which requires a lot of patience. Alternatively, hydroseeding may be the best option for you.

Hydroseeding Is Another Alternative

Hydromulching, better known as hydroseeding, is perfect for planting grass because it is automated, efficient, and economical. The service includes mixing water, mulch, fertilizer, and seed, a combination known as slurry, which is sprayed from a hydromulching machine. The beauty of hydroseeding is that it encourages grass to grow in seven days with coverage being established in three to four weeks.

Since it could take up to 90 days for grass to sprout and grow, your property will need some attention. The area needs to be cut, weeded, and groomed into a lush lawn. The hydroseeding company you choose may have other alternatives or services that help the process move along smoothly. Speak with them about any care and maintenance needs you may have.

Is Hydroseeding Right for Your Property?

You want to make sure that you are making the right choices for your business. If you are not sure whether hydroseeding is right for your property, ask yourself the questions below. They will help you determine if the method is a good fit.

How Much Coverage Do You Require?

The size of your property can help determine if you want to use hydroseeding services. When you have a bigger swath of land including fairway-sized spaces or slopes, then the hydroseeding method is the most efficient way to grow grass. Expert hydroseeding techs can help you determine the precise amount of coverage needed.

Does Your Property Have Heavy Foot Traffic?

Grass seed needs time to germinate, grow, and fill areas, even with the hydroseeding method. What does that mean in regards to your business? Foot traffic needs to be minimized, so newly planted grass seed has the best chance to survive. Consider creating a path and hydroseeding on either side of it. This will give your property the best chance for healthy grass growth.

After answering the questions above, you should have a better idea of whether hydroseeding will meet the needs of your business. This efficient process is ideal for commercial property that requires healthy grass growth. Contact hydroseeding experts to learn more about their services.