Hydrograss Technologies: The Facts About Hydroseeding

July 08th, 2019
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Hydroseeding is a planting process in which seed and mulch are combined with water into a wet mixture, transported in tanks, and sprayed over prepared ground through high pressure hoses. Hydrograss technologies use hydroseeding as an alternative to the widespread method of planting or sowing dry seed, as it is a more preventive solution for erosion, sediment, and dust control.

The Origin of Hydromulching and Hydrograss Technologies

The invention of hydrograssing is attributed to a gentleman by the name of Maurice Mandell. Mendell was an employee of the Connecticut highway department, who in the 1940s discovered that seed could be mixed with water. He then realized he could spread and spray the mix over the steep and inaccessible slopes along the Connecticut highways.

Modern Applications for Hydrograssing

In areas where soil is prone to erosion by natural elements, standard seeding methods are often ineffective. Today, hydrograssing is done a bit differently than in the days of its creation. In most cases, a binding agent is mixed with the seed and mulch slurry to help secure the seed in the soil and keep the soil in place. Often, mulch and fertilizer are also added to the mixture to further protect the seed and soil.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

When planting in large areas, hydrograss application is a time effective method of seeding that allows for broad swaths of land to be seeded. This can be done in a relatively short amount of time when compared with traditional methods. Hydrograss starts to grow within seven days and will begin to require mowing maintenance within three to four weeks. Another useful application is for seeding hillsides, sloping lawns, and hydroseeding erosion control in problem areas near roadways. It is also used in commercial construction sites as a way of suppressing dust.


The combination of seed, binding agents, and mulch applied with pressure ensures that soil and seed will not be eroded by elements such as wind and rain. This gives the seed an advantage and allows the grass ample time to germinate and set roots, which further help to stabilize the soil. It's a practical solution for local or state governments with slope erosion problems near roadways, and useful for large commercial applications.

Hydrograss Technologies is a leader in the industry and an authority when it comes to methods for seeding and preventing soil erosion. For more information about hydroseeding products and services, contact Hydrograss Technologies today.