Quality, Reliability and Efficiency are what you receive when you use Hydrograss Technologies for your new home Turf. When it comes to products utilized in hydroseeding of your new lawn, we employ simply the Best In The Industry.

Hydromulch: GeoMatrix Premium Hydromulch line of products: These products contain Crimped Wood Fibers and adhesive agents that retain water and stop seed and soil displacement.
Fertilization: Fertilizer with high N-P-K that use slow release properties along with microelements that have a residual life for of up to 12 weeks feeding time nurture the young seedlings to allow a quick maturation process.
Seed: The seeds are from the latest crop cultivars to ensure high germination rates. Variations of seed cultivars are kept in stock to fit the need of each specific environment. Whether it is full sun, shade or a combination of each, we can specifically blend for your site.


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