Everyday sun, wind, rain, and wildfire wreak havoc on people’s projects and costing them money. Erosion is a force of nature that can only be stopped with the right planning and effort. It hits unexpectedly and completely can destroy all of your progress.

If you own a property that is currently undergoing hydroseeding, then you need to take steps to prevent your hard work from washing away. Check out these hydroseeding erosion control tips for advice from professional landscapers.

Purchase the Right Slurry

Hydroseeding should be a more efficient method of planting seeds than traditional options. But the process can only be completed quickly and with good erosion control if you use a high-quality slurry that will bind to the soil.

Make sure you choose a hydroseeding company that uses a slurry that will encourage growth and not wash away after a major rain storm.

Maintain a Uniform Distribution

It used to be that when you were seeding a lawn, you would put down straw or hay on top of your seeds to keep them from blowing away in the wind or being eaten by a bird.

But with hydroseeding, the seed will bind to the soil quickly making this step unnecessary. Just make sure you spread your seed evenly because it’s not going anywhere.

Choose Your Seed With Care

Hydroseeding can work with a variety of different seeds. Try to choose the option that works best for your property.

Whether you plant grass, wildflowers, native plant life, or a mix, you can come up with something that will suit the needs of your landscape. And with new options being invented all of the time, your options are only expanding.

Make Sure You Consider the Safety of Your Seed Choice

Seeding a lawn used to be a toxic process. But hydroseeding offers a safe and convenient option.

Most slurries are nontoxic and not threatening to the environment. Make sure you investigate the slurry that will be used on your lawn to ensure it’s up to your standards

Don’t Break the Bank

Resodding a lawn can cost as much as four times the amount you would spend on hydroseeding. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to get the grass of your dreams.

You will love the uniform growth of your seeds and you won’t have as much maintenance to do on your grass as it grows. Sod can sometimes be difficult to maintain and transplant.

Who to Hire for the Best Hydroseeding Erosion Control

If you don’t pay attention to hydroseeding erosion control efforts, then you can see all of your hard work washed away before your seeds have a chance to erupt.

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