What are Floc Logs?

Floc Logs are a semi-hydrated gel polyacrylamide block will remove fine particles and reduce NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units) values when placed within stormwater or construction site drainages.

Because construction requires certain levels of demolition, it’s quite easy for the materials to end up in nearby bodies of water, be it lakes or swales.

How Can Flog Logs Help?

Floc logs are set in specific position where a construction site’s run off flow can be detoured so that the water runs over them. When properly set up the water will begin to dissolve releasing small amounts of matter that will transform colloidal suspensions of pollutants into a from that cannot remain in suspension. This means that it will not break apart and end up in ecosystem.

Simply put, it seperates the undesirables and allows for rapid clean up disposal of pollutants.

How The Process Works

Floc Logs are placed in a swale by Hydrograss. Rigorous testing is then completed to determine the correct Floc Log (each Floc Log is formulated for it’s intended geographical area by analyzing the soil and water)

Placement of Floc Log in Frac Tank
Dewatering with Floc Log from underground pumping operation

Water discharged in swale
Water cleaned through swale as it leaves site
Water pumped from swale in half pipe lined with jute to clean water  before discharged into wetland