Commercial hydroseeding companies use innovative technology to cover large areas with high-quality grass. The process is fast and effective, with hydrograss growing in as little as one week and becoming well-established in under a month.

Provide the right amount of water

Until you perform the first cut on your new lawn, you will need to take care to keep the area moist. If the seeds dry out, you are putting your new lawn at risk. Of course, make sure you do not over-water the lawn, either — the presence of mud is a key indicator that you have over-watered.

The amount of water you need to add to your lawn after it has been hydroseeded will depend on the weather conditions in your area, as well as the positioning of your lawn. As with any lawn, hydrograss lawns in arid regions and in areas that receive a lot of direct sunlight will need to be watered quite frequently. By contrast, a hydroseed lawn in a climate that receives heavy precipitation, or a shaded lawn that has lower rates of evaporation, will need less frequent waterings.

Fertilize your lawn at appropriate intervals

Fertilization is an integral step to the success of a new hydroseed lawn. Without these essential nutrients, the health of your grass will be up to chance. With proper fertilization, your grass will be able to grow regardless of the soil’s nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content.

The first fertilization should be applied approximately two to three weeks after the area has been hydroseeded. Many experts recommend hiring a professional to handle the fertilization during the first two years, so ensure that the nutrients are well-distributed during this crucial period of growth.

For your lawn solutions, reach out to the hydroseeding contractors at Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. Our experts will be happy to clear up any confusion regarding care after the initial hydroseeding process that you may have. Our hydroseeding mulch contains a special proprietary blend of unique organic compounds designed to maximize moisture retention and soil binding, so keeping your lawn happy will be as easy as possible.