Hydroseeding is a process that is exactly how it sounds. It is a mixture of water, seed, and fertilizer. This combination is then sprayed directly onto the ground by utilizing a truck and sprayer. You may be wondering, “How do hydrograss technologies work?” We will outline the process down below.

Advantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding provides a variety of different advantages, one of which is a more uniform germination. This is because when the mixture is combined, it creates a slurry. This slurry is then sprayed onto the ground. This allows the slurry to be concentrated on specific areas, allowing for each part of the ground to be covered in the mixture. Another advantage of hydroseeding is that it has reduced labor costs. Often, only a few people are needed to work the sprayer at a time and creating the mixture is not a complicated task. Almost any type of grass or ground cover can be planted by utilizing hydroseeding.

How Hydroseeding Works

Hydroseeding is known for its effective germination, but what makes it so special? The secret is in the mulch. The mulch helps with not only with moisture retention but also acts as insulation. This provides the perfect environment for germination. The slurry of the different materials is sprayed on the area all at once, versus one at a time. This saves time and labor costs for hydrograss technologies.

What Types of Mulch Can be Used?

Selection of mulch that can be used with hydroseeding is always expanding. Some mulch types that can be used include wood fiber, paper, wood, straw, and cotton fiber. Mulch that is used for hydroseeding does not contain weed seed. The correct mulch will need to be sprayed out at the right rate in order to achieve the best results. That is why it is important to speak with a qualified hydroseeding professional, so that they can determine which type of mulch you will need.

Speak With a Professional Hydroseeding Company

It is important to do your due diligence when researching hydroseeding companies. When hydroseeding, the grass will begin to grow within 7 days and the lawn will become established in a few weeks. Professional hydroseeding contractors can assess your needs and provide you with the best and most efficient solutions.