Taking care of your lawn is an important part of your summer routine. You probably know that most lawns require about an inch of water weekly and that organic lawn care is better than chemical lawn care. But have you been taking care of those patches of grass that are thinning out? If you need help with erosion control or patchy grass, you should check out the advantages of hydroseeding. Let’s take a look at a few.

Save Money and Time

If you’re trying to choose between rolling out sod, hand-seeding, and hydroseeding, the last is definitely the way to go. It might seem faster to cover your property with sod, but the reality is that purchasing those rolls, having them all shipped, and then waiting through the agonizing process of rolling them out is going to take a bigger chunk out of your bottom line than you think. Hydroseeding, on the other hand, is much faster and more cost-effective, especially when you have a commercial property to tend to. Hydroseeding even takes about one-sixth of the time that hand-seeding does. While the cost will vary based on which hydroseeding companies you’re looking at, the reality is that it’s still your most time- and cost-efficient option.

More Even Seed Distribution

Another one of the many advantages of hydroseeding is distribution. When you’re using a seed spreader, you may think you’re getting even seed distribution across your property, but it’s hard to tell. The unique application method for hydroseeding ensures that you know with certainty that 100% of the area you need to be covered is good to go. When you want long-term results and even grass growth on your property, you just can’t beat the excellent distribution rate that hydroseeding can offer.

Added Benefit of Erosion Control

If you’re struggling with erosion control, then hydroseeding is definitely something you’ll want to try. The mat style and tacky texture of hydroseeding techniques have a unique stabilizing quality that could help your property line stay intact in the face of erosion due to rain or other wear and tear. Hydroseeding solutions are often combined with mulch to provide even more stability when it comes to combatting erosion on your property.

When you want to make sure your property looks great and maintains its integrity, look no further than the advantages of hydroseeding. With this technique, your property will be looking great in no time.