Many homeowners stop listening when they hear the word “hydroseeding.” This sounds like a complicated procedure that’s used only for large areas of land. However, this is an effective means of not just erosion control but also lawn rehabilitation for even standard-sized and small lawns. There are many ways to use hydroseeding, and it can be used on both a small or large scale. What you don’t know about hydroseeding could be keeping you from having the beautiful, rich, and healthy lawn that you’ve always wanted to have. It’s actually much easier to get than you may think. It’s time to learn how hydroseeding can help you.

What Is Hydroseeding?

In technical terms, hydroseeding is the process of broadcasting dry seed. Broadcasting is just another word for sowing. So basically, hydroseeding is a process of planting grass seeds. The seed is mixed into a slurry. This is just another technical term that means seed and mulch combined. This slurry gives the seed a rich foundation on which to grow. Even soil that has been stripped of its nutrients become an ideal place for the seed to sprout and grow thanks to the nutrient-rich slurry.

During the hydroseeding process, special tools are used to broadcast the slurry of seeds and mulch over a large area. This slurry mixture itself is in a large tank that is connected to a special hose device that’s used to spray the slurry out over the ground in a broad arc. For extremely large areas, helicopters are used to broadcast the slurry. For regular lawns and property lots, hydroseeding is done on foot with a hoselike device. The tank holding the slurry must be transported by a truck in typical situations. Hydroseeding is provided by landscapers and companies that specialize in lawn rehabilitation.

Because of the equipment used and because of the process used for hydroseeding, this can be done pretty quickly. The hydroseeding equipment sprays out seeds and mulch over a wide area, so even a large lawn can be completely treated for hydroseeding in under an hour or two.

What Is Hydroseeding Used For?

Hydroseeding is, basically, a pretty sophisticated way to plant grass seeds. So why all this technique for something that many homeowners can do on their own by hand? Technically, you can just grab a handful of grass seeds and broadcast it over your lawn on your own by sprinkling it evenly on the soil. Then, you just water it thoroughly. So what are the advantages of hydroseeding?

For starters, this is not just a technique for planting grass seed, it’s an extremely successful technique. After hydroseeding, grass begins to grow very quickly You will start to see results almost right away after hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding is used for erosion control to prevent soil loss. The grass stabilizes the soil so that water is more prone to run right off the surface of the grass, rather than eating away at the soil and causing erosion. Hydroseeding has been used to successfully eliminate soil erosion.

The hydroseeding technique is also extremely effective for filling in bare patches of any lawn, even small patches. If you’ve attempted to use traditional techniques for growing grass int he past and you’ve have little luck, even when using fertilizer and other tools to help the grass grow, hydroseeding is your next step. This process often causes grass to grow even in the most troublesome spots. The nutrient-rich slurry makes it so easy for grass seed to sprout and grow, you’ll end up being amazed by the results.

DIY hydroseeding can be an option, but it’s often much better to turn to the experts. Landscapers and hydroseeding contractors will have a tried and tested hydroseeding mixture on hand that they know will get results. They will also have all the equipment and know all the necessary techniques for hydroseeding. The professionals know important facts about grass and soil. For example, did you know you should never apply more than four pounds of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet of lawn in a single year? Landscapers do. That’s why they can provide the right hydroseeding technique to get your lawn looking exactly the way you want it to look.