Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in preventative solutions for erosion control, sediment management, and dust mitigation. Whether it’s site remediation or soil stabilization, our team of professionals works hard to seek safe products that are good for the environment. But what have we been doing in the field?

With help from our drones, we hope to do more than just answer your questions; we want to show you what we’re doing in real-time.

This image demonstrates just one of the ways that Hydrograss Technologies is able to restore and protect topsoil through nutrient-rich compost. Here, you can see our team applying GeoEarth biotic soil growth in a blanket application to the side of a hill experiencing erosion. Without our help, this hilly area would continue to lose its structure, putting the solar panel farm below the hill at risk.

Hydroseeding works by combining a mixture of seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil amendments into a thick slurry. This slurry is then evenly spread over the turf of a soil gradient, like the hill shown above. After the hydroseeding is finished, it will serve as a viable replacement for topsoil, ensuring that the area has proper erosion control.

But how do we know that the hill’s structure will be maintained? Here are some of the most important qualities in our slurry that guarantee a better topsoil for erosion control.

Hydroseeding and Erosion Control: The Benefits

GeoEarth topsoil is made from a number of nutrient-rich compounds designed to feed the soil and promote root development.

It’s thanks to this root growth and porosity that soil structure improves, especially when it comes to groundwater that wants to follow the path of least resistance. In loose, sandy soils, large sections of land are carved out because the ground simply cannot hold onto the water. Instead of carving out rivulets in the soil, Hydroseed’s erosion control efforts contribute to greater soil porosity. This porosity allows water to flow at a more normal rate, thus improving the soil’s structure.

But none of this is possible without the nutrient-rich qualities of our erosion control slurries. As a viable replacement for topsoil, our hydroseeding technologies not only add structure but they encourage natural root growth for long-term results. GeoEarth contains primary, secondary, and tertiary nutrients that are necessary for sustainable plant growth. For a more stable slurry, we also use 50% stabilized organic matter in every application.

The slurry above adds 7% more humic acid to the soil and relies on a carbon to nitrogen ratio of about nine to one. This ensures that no nitrogen immobilization occurs in the soil, which could prevent plant and root growth. In general, we recommend that no more than four pounds of nitrogen are used for every 1,000 square feet of lawn per year. Any more than that and you might find that your lawn has gone brown.

With this carefully crafted compound, we’re able to improve the soil quality and prevent changes in soil pH for the future. This mixture of nutrients, microbiology, and organic substances helps boost the soil’s capacity for water, nutrients, and cation exchange. In the image above, these factors will stop the hill from eroding and ruining the solar farm below.

Hydrograss technologies has decades of experience remediating land and restoring erosion control to otherwise dangerous areas. Instead of struggling with landscaping issues in your commercial area, rely on our expert team to deliver fast, efficient results at a price that works for your budget. Contact our team to hydroseed your land today.