Hydrograss works well when you have dry patches and erosion. It helps to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. It combines seed, soil, fertilizer, and mulch to make a thick slurry. This slurry is applied to your commercial business or company to help with seed germination and turf development. Below we give you the reason why hydrograss works for commercial business and large areas of land.

Benefits of HydroGrass

This type of grass is great for large tracts of land with hills and slopes. It provides uniform growth in about four weeks. It is used on golf courses, corporate offices, hospitals, retail malls, apartment buildings, condos, and other commercial buildings. It is designed to manage soil erosion that occurs with high rainfall and sloping land. Topsoil is often washed away by rain and wind, leaving bare spots. Grass cover keeps the soil from eroding.

Hydrogass is easy to plant and the slurry is mixed with fertilizer. It is attached to a hose and sprayed on your commercial property. Large trucks are able to spread the seed for commercial businesses. It sticks to the ground and needs one application. It will not be eaten by birds and squirrels and will not wash or be blown away.

More About HydroSeeding For Commercial Properties

It is more cost-effective than sod and uses native grass, so it will grow and adjust to the weather. This method uses less water than other methods. Most grasses sprout in three to seven days and grow in three to four weeks. Hydroseeder trucks often have 1000 to 1,500-gallon tanks that seed highways, commercial properties, industrial parks, office buildings, and apartment communities. These trucks can service cemeteries, sports fields, offices, and parks.

Hydrograss often has hydro mulching that is sprayed on burnt-out slopes and hills on commercial properties. It is only used on slopes that are severely eroded or burned. Some companies add dye to the mixture to give the grass a greener color. The mixture is sprayed from a tank using a hose in a truck. A large tract of land can be covered in a short amount of time. The cost varies depending on the seed and mulch used and the square footage that needs to be sprayed.

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