Establishing a cover on your exposed commercial land is an essential aspect of proper soil management and erosion control. Hydroseeding Massachusetts is one of the most effective and cost-friendly methods to establish grass cover on your property’s lawn. Unlike laying sod or applying dry seed, hydroseeding companies spray a mulch of native grass seeds, fertilizer, water, and tackifiers to create healthy topsoil for your new turf to grow.

Your erosion control project may only be as good as the hydroseeding contractors that you pick. With a lot of factors to consider, it can be tempting to forgo your due diligence assignment and settle for the first hydro grass company you meet. Here are five common mistakes that you may need to avoid when picking out hydroseeding Massachusetts contractors.

1. Hiring Unlicensed Hydroseeding Contractors

One common mistake Massachusetts’ property owners make is failing to verify the credibility of their hydro-mulch contractor. A valid license not only acts as a sign of professionalism on their part but also as proof of the legitimacy of their business. It proves that the contractor has the requisite skills and expertise to complete the assigned project. It would be best to find a hydroseeding company affiliated with professional bodies such as IAHP.

2. Forgetting to Follow Up on References Provided

Research is a crucial phase when picking hydroseeding Massachusetts contractors. However, commercial property owners often skimp on their inquiries, landing the wrong hydroseed companies. You may need to take time and probe the contractors recommended by friends, family, and online sources. Request the company to provide you with details of past clients that you can contact. Inquire about their experience when working with the hydroseeding company. Pour the reviews and testimonials provided on their site and other review platforms. You may need to find a contractor capable of handling the size of your project.

3. Going with the Cheapest Contractor

Hydroseeding is more cost-effective than sodding and other alternative seeding methods. While it may be in your best interest to try to work with the cheapest contractor, it may not be the ideal choice for your business. You may need to keenly look into the cost to value ratio before settling for a particular contractor. Request for multiple quotes from different hydro seeders and compare the pricing options. Choose a hydroseeding company that fits within your budget limits without compromising on the quality of work.

4. Skimming Through the Work Contract

Hydro grass seed companies may provide guarantees for the services rendered. You may need to ensure that the information is captured in a written binding agreement. Take time to go through the contract that details the services the company will provide, the estimated costs, and the timeframe for the completion of the project. Make sure that you agree with every clause presented on the contract agreement before appending your signature.

Hire with Confidence

Hydroseeding is one of the most effective green stabilization techniques that you can use to create a green cover for your lawn as well as eliminate soil erosion. Hydrograss Technologies is a leading hydroseeding contractor in Massachusetts that specializes in commercial landscapes. Reach out to our experts today to discuss solutions for your site remediation and stabilization.