In any commercial construction, preparing land is of utmost importance. Nothing can take place without a safe ground where excavators and engineers will be working. A safe ground presents a favorable area where the foundation of the building will be installed. However, a ground with excess water is not an ideal environment for commercial construction.

Studies show that most lawns require no more than one inch of water weekly. Anything beyond that is considered unsafe for commercial construction. Dewatering is an engineering process that helps in removing excess water from a construction site. If you are planning to build a major structure in a waterlogged area, here are some of the reasons why you should use dewatering to remove excess water.

1. Provide Dry Excavation

Dewatering is primarily the process of removing excess water from a construction site. It helps in eliminating all the wetness in a professional and environmentally recommended strategy. Removing wetness provides a sufficient area where all construction activities can take place in a dry excavation. It is important to note that engineers like to excavate a dry ground. Their heavy machines and equipment work as expected in these conditions. Excavating a dry ground is also useful in detecting and verifying the different types of soil and earth layers.

2. Improve Excavation Stability

Hydroseeding companies use this method of removing water from a construction site because they want to have a stable land for heavy equipment to work. Previously, it has emerged that wet areas are dangerous to excavate. They have soft soil layers and structures that are likely to collapse at any given time. Dewatering is also very important in improving the excavation stability of a particular piece of land. However, it is important to allow the land to cure and solidify after removing excess water from the surface.

3. Reducing Project Costs

Many people only think that dewatering is essential in removing water from the site with the sole aim of making it possible to be excavated. However, it is important to indicate that dewatering is essential in reducing project costs. Working in waterlogged land plays a critical role in increasing the number of materials used, which leads to a direct increase in the cost of the project. Additionally, excavation machines get stuck on the site, which adds to the cost of leasing such equipment.

4. Increasing Project Planned Time

Just like it increases the cost of the project, waterlogged land extends the planned time for project completion. The land is not conducive for either machines or engineers to work, which means that very little work is done per hour. Commercial hydroseeding helps in eliminating water so that various activities within the project site only take a short period to complete. Dewatering services will also allow the machines and people around to work more quickly, essentially reducing the project’s planned time and cost as well.

5. Improving Workforce Safety

Dewatering can be used as a method of enhancing the safety of the workers. Every year, thousands of people get injured in the commercial construction site due to wetness. In extreme circumstances, workers die due to injuries. A dewatering system can play a critical role in ensuring that everything works as expected. All the systems will work smoothly because excess water, which could have been hindering the various activities of the site, has been removed. Machines and equipment will not get stuck while people will not slide and slip all over the place.

6. Environmentally Friendly

In the last few years, both the federal government and regulatory authorities have paid huge attention to the type of water removal methods used in construction sites. Most of the strategies used by contractors have caused serious soil erosion, which is not good for the environment and ecological conditions of a specific area. However, dewatering eliminates soil erosion because it incorporates various erosion management solutions. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly method of removing water from a construction site.

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