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Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of preventive solutions for erosion, sediment and dust control. more bullet
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Introducing GeoEnvironmental StabilizedFiber Solutions (SFSs)

They are organic agents of elongated softwood fibers that are blended together at the factory with multiple cross-linking agents to create a breathable, stable spray on erosion control mat bonding to the soil surface. more bullet


Hydrograss Adds Hydroseeder Number 9 To Its Fleet.

Bigger is Better When It Comes to Large Hydroseeding Projects!

Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. has recently purchased another monster hydroseeder. This brings our hydroseeding fleet to a total of nine. Our brand new Sterling Apex hydroseeder is the largest and most powerful hydromulcher in North America. The machine can mix and pump up to 2200 pounds of wood fiber mulch per load. It will outperform the work of two Finn T-330 hydroseeders.

Recently introduced specialty erosion control products like GeoPerm and GeoMatrixSS (Bonded Fiber - BFMs) contain coarse fibers of wood, proprietary fibers, and compounded bonding agents that have to be applied to the soils at rates of up to 4500 pounds per acre. Our newest Apex Hydroseeder can easily handle spraying one half acre per load of BFM at a rate of 4000 pounds per acre (40- 50 lb bales).

Technical Specifications:

180 HP Turbo
175 PSI/600 GPM Clog Free Pump
12" Pump to Sump Design
300' + Monitor Discharge
42,000 Inch/Lb. Auger Torque
2 Reversible Vari Speed Augers
Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
Lockable Enclosed Engine Room
8' x 19' Top Deck
Twin Cannon Option
4,000 Gallon Capacity
True Continuous Duty Operation
Pump Sprigging & Seeding







Other Equipment we use

1200 Gal Kincaid Hydroseeders
1200 Gal Kincaid Hydroseeders

1200 Gal Kincaid Hydroseeders
John Deere Tractors

Hydroseeder Specs
Kincaid Hydroseeder with special floatation tires for golf course construction

1200 Gal Kincaid Hydroseeders
Sikorsky Sky Crane
(provided by Eriksen Sky Crane
for: Hayman Fire Hydroseeding
Project - Colorado 2002)


1200 Gal Kincaid Hydroseeders
Dust Application Trucks

Hydroseeder Specs
Kincaid 450 & 700 gal hydroseeders

Hydroseeder Specs
Mixing Tank, Pumps & Hydroseeders (Hayman Fire Staging Area - Colorado)

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