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EarthStop 240 Series

A Soil Specific Emulsion Agent to Prevent Soil Erosion

EarthStop 240’s effectiveness is created from the length and ionic charge resulting in a unique polymer molecule formulation and those polymer molecules’ ability to bond with the surface materials. Its chemical structure is made of molecules attached in relatively straight-linked chains and then cross-linked among other chains or grids that maybe up to 25,000,000 molecules long.

EarthStop 240 being applied to turbid water

Bonds particulates to prevent soil erosion

EarthStop 240 yields proprietary one-of-a-kind polymer chemistry manufactured to rigid quality standards utilized in combination with field experience in all industrial, commercial and municipal environments.


Soil Binding and Stabilizing Properties

Features and Benefits

  • Removes colloidal and organic particulates from storm water   

  • Prevents colloidal solutions in water when applied to the soil surface

  • Will reduce soil movement during rain event on moderate slopes

  • Binds cationic metals within the soil matrix, reducing the movement of heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, cadmium & lead)

  • Reduces pesticide and fertilizer loss during rain events

  • Reduces windborn dust conditions

  • Increases soil permeability and water penetration to shallow plants

  • Reduces operational and cleanup costs

  • Reduces environmental risk and meets EPA compliance

Primary Applications

  • Mine Tailings and Waste Piles

  • Newly Cleared Construction or Building Sites

  • Road and Highway Construction

  • Hydroseeding and Water Truck Application

  • Hand Spreading and Ditch Placement


Technologists of Soil & Turf

Northeast Office

157 Southbridge Rd.

North Oxford, MA 01537



Southeast Office

1551 Global Court

Sarasota, FL 34240



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