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The Smart Way to Eliminate Soil Erosion

In response to today’s standards for environmental management and soil stabilization, site managers are seeking safe, non-toxic, effective products that are economical.

GeoMatrix Slope Stabilization Systems (Stages 1, 2 & 3)

Testing completed at Utah State Hydraulic Laboratories 2022

Stage 1 The application proved to be an exceptionally powerful economical spray-on erosion control blanket. GeoMatrix Fiber was applied at rate of 3000 lb. per acre along with a blend of other proprietary crimped fibers and crossbinders to ensure a tight intimate interlocking bond to the soil matrix. It performed better than any other product that is currently available in the industry based upon USU’s lab results.

Stage 2 A stronger resiliency to soil erosion was observed when the GeoMatrix Fiber content was increased to 3500 lb. per acre and additional cross binders were added to augment the bonding to the soil. This bond was so powerful, it performed as well as a double net straw erosion control blanket and it was able to accelerate the germination of the seedlings.
Stage 3 The best spray-on soil stabilization product available. The additional GeoMatrix fiber at 4000 lb. per acre and cross-binder along with exponentially more crimped fibers added to the significant increased tensile strength to provide protection against large rain events.  Also, water retention within the system was amplified due to the increase in GeoMatrix fiber which enhanced the turf maturation.

Tensile Strength Effect of Proprietary Crosslinkers Blended with GeoMatrix Fibers

Conditions: Sandy topsoil
Gradient: 2:5 to 1 slope
Minimum Rain Volume: 5 inches per hour
Time Duration: 1 hour
Results: No rills or soil erosion observed

GeoMatrix Slope Stabilization System is the one-and-only highly executable hydraulic erosion blanket that provides both an economical and powerful new innovative approach to customized soil stabilization.

GeoMatrix Slope Stabilized Systems contains a tackifier that has a base of Polysaccharide gum in combination with a proprietary additives and crosslinkers. It contains components that retards the tackifier from re-dissolving in rainwater, at least until vegetation is established.

The binding agents react with the guar by the formation of new covalent carbon hydrogen bonds. By adjusting the Polysaccharides to crosslinker additives, it will make the GeoMatrix HPSB an extremely strong and resistant erosion control mat that can sustains a tensile strength of over 160 PSI.


GeoMatrix Slope Stabilization

A High-Performance Spray-On Blanket
Recommended Applications
  • Mild or steep slope stabilization

  • Long-term or short-term stabilization

  • Environmentally sensitive area

  • Enhancement of vegetation establishment

  • Stopping soil migration from applied surfaces                 

  • For uneven slope surfaces   


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