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Floc Bloc

An Innovative Solution to Your Water Turbidity Problems

Organic matter, pesticide and fertilizer residues, fines, and heavy metals (mercury and lead) carried by storm water runoff from construction and other exposed sites can wreak havoc in the areas where they are deposited. Contaminated soil, bodies of water, and wetlands cannot function normally, potentially creating far-reaching ecological problems.

Placing Floc Blocs

Unfortunately, traditional methods of controlling runoff, while effective at slowing the velocity of the water and/or redirecting it into holding areas, can do nothing to address the problem of particulate matter carried in the water. These pollutants and fines are not filtered out by hay bales or silt fences, and they cannot settle out by gravity separation alone regardless of how long the water is retained.GeoEnvironmental Inc. introduces a simple and economical solution to the problem of suspended pollutants. The Floc Bloc removes colloidal suspensions (including clay particulates) from storm water runoff using the latest technology. 

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Pond Treatment
Floc Bloc Pressure Tank

Floc Blocs are placed at strategic points where a site’s runoff can be directed to flow over them. The Floc Bloc is designed to be able to treat water at a base flow rate of 50 to 75 gallons per minute. Once situated and in contact with water, the Floc Blocs slowly dissolve releasing minute quantities of matter that convert colloidal suspensions of pollutants into an insoluble form that cannot remain in suspension and that cannot re-dissolve and go into the ecosystem. It gets the pollutants and dirt out and they stay out allowing the water to be immediately discharged. This increases the ease with which the pollutants may be collected and appropriately disposed.


Floc Bloc Testing

Testing at new housing project in Venice, FL. A-52 & B65 Floc Bloc cleaned water before release into Venice Bay. 


Swale with Floc Bloc Application



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